The Pancras (Rugby) Players

The Pancras (Rugby) Players

So, I had an absolutely lovely and quite unexpected time last Friday, singing for Rugby fans at St Pancras station’s Eurostar terminal. We were tasked with sending our English rugby fans off to Paris with a little patriotic cheer, and a nice promotional Guinness scarf. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite see the boys through to the finish line.


These sorts of jobs tend can be a nightmare – I arrived on late notice at 9am, though my fellow choristers arrived at 7am – when you are singing the same songs over the course of 12 hours in freezing conditions and in a space with horrible acoustics…


But I have to say, this was one whole piece of fun. We laughed, sang and shivered together – were awed at the hilariously inappropriate fancy dress that only a group of rugby lads can throw together (after all, what goes on tour stays on tour), were amazed at our own near Wagnerian stamina after singing for the better part of a Götterdämmerung and even managed to get a few members of the public involved in a rousing rendition of Jerusalem!!


Cant wait to sing with Euphony Voices again soon, who knows where –  maybe the Queen will have us at Buckingham Palace!


Click here for pictures – Courtesy of Sam Lane Photography


Click here for a little YouTube video of our performance.